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Cleetus McFarland is an American racing driver, car fanatic, and youtube content creator. He has been on a famous profile for years, where he shares automotive-related content to amuse his fans. And he is a well-known racetrack and fast car builder in the social media community.

So gather your questions about him because we are bringing an article on Cleetus McFarland Biography. In this article, you will get to know everything about him. So let’s begin,

How tall is Cleetus McFarland?

This American youtube content creator is taller than most American males. He himself cleared in a video that he is about 6 feet 4 inches. He is one of the American 14% male community over 6 feet and more. At the same time, his weight is approximately 79 kg.

Everything you need to know about Cleetus McFarland:

Cleetus McFarland is originally from Omaha, Nebraska, United States of America. He was born on April 5 1995, and based on his birth month, his zodiac sign is Aries. He belongs to the white ethnicity, and like his parental beliefs, he also believes in Christianity.

His business is all based in Omaha, where he builds fast racing cars and their tracks. And also he is a digital content creator who has been entertaining people for a longtime. He has exceptional popularity and works as an influencer on social media.

When he started his youtube channel in 2009, he didn’t change his passion. He is still focusing on the same content, which is why his viewer community never oscillated. Furthermore, this young YouTuber has a nice collection of insanely fast homebuilt cars.

We have heard him saying he loves his cars more than anything as he makes them. He likes to show off his creativity, so he shares his cars socially. His redneck theme video went viral on the internet, which made him popular. Most of his content relates to quick-speed cars and insane racing challenges.

Now let’s see how his life evolved from his early days as follows,

1-His family:

Cleetus was born into a loving, caring, and sophisticated family. His parents are Mark Mitchell and Lori Edward Mitchell. And his actual name is Lawrence Garret Mitchell which he changed to Cleetus McFarland for professional use. In his family, he is attached to his mother the most.

He tagged his mother several times on his Instagram, which shows their loving bond. While he has one brother named Parker Mitchell and a sister named Lauren Mitchell. Cleetus reported in his videos that he was used to living surrounded. On the whole, his family is very caring about sharing love and happiness.

2-Study life:

In his secondary education, he attended one of Ohama’s best high schools. After completing his secondary studies, he pursued Tampa University for a degree in Legal studies. Tampa is regarded as one of the best universities in the whole country. It took him three years to complete the degree.

This degree didn’t help him to get any job because he was confident in his passion. So he started car works on his own and nailed it.

3- His Girlfriend:

Madison Lutz is now his life companion, as he proposed to her on April 4, 2021. They both used to do daily recordings of events which convinced Cleetus to choose her as a lifelong partner. It has been several years that they have been in an open relationship. And she gave birth to his child a month ago.

4- Freedom Factory

He renamed Desota speedway to freedom factory after buying it at the start of 2020. Since that time, he has been using this platform for racers. Parker Whitlock was the racer who suffered a burning accident at this event because of a radiator hose explosion. Firesuits were not necessary for drivers at that time.

The driver was wearing a hoodie and shorts at that event and ended up with a third-degree burn. He required many skin grafts, and it was claimed that Cleetus was careless about safety. But, now he and his team are taking safety precautions seriously. So the freedom factory is now a safe and sound racetrack.


How did Cleetus McFarland get rich?

Cleetus McFarland has two income sources: youtube and a merchandise line. He has more small sources of income, but as a professional, he creates content on youtube to earn money. Also, he owns Freedom Factory on shares so we can take this as a good income source.

What is the Actual Name of Cleetus?

Lawrence Garret Mitchell is the actual name of Cleetus McFarland. He uses Cleetus for professional purposes, and almost all his social followers know him with that identity.


In this article, we tried to dig intoCleetus McFarland Biography. So get an influence from his life and continue your passion as Cleetus did. We hope you will like it, and we will try to bring more influencing biographies, so keep in touch with us.

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