Why is My Facebook Saying no Data Available?


It feels bad to see no data available after pasting a like or commenting on a Facebook post. Users have been asking why is my facebook saying no data available?Take it easy, mates,as this problem has nothing to do with your internet, device setting, and Facebook account.

And don’t worry because this article lets you easily pursue this recurrent problem. So let’s dig into the discussion to get the show on the road,

No data available problem 

You don’t have to worry about your device after seeing no data available issue on your Facebook account. It can be a bug or some glitch. And you can face this flaw on your Android or IOS. Now,you can put an end to this problem by following up on our given methods.

Update Facebook:

There are chances that your installed Facebook version comes with a glitch that says “no data available.” So you must wait for the latest version of Facebook to fix it. On that note, go to the play store or app store and tap the update option. It will take a minute or two for the completion.

Then go to your updated Facebook version and check if it is showing the same glitch. But, it has been concluded that the updating option is worth dealing with no data available issue.

Clear the Cache

Open the app section in the mobile setting and search for the Facebook app. Then tap the Facebook app in this section to open up its credentials. And then tap the storage option, which will show you clear the cache option at the bottom of the screen. Just click the cache option to clear the stockpile of Facebook.

At that moment, open your Facebook app to see if the error has gone or not.

Check if Facebook is Down

It is seen that when the Facebook server gets down, it doesn’t provide proper service to its users. So the no data available glitch may be occurring because of its bad server at the moment. And now it is quite simple to check the quality of the server through the internet.

Several detectors allow users to check whether the server’s quality is down or not. Down detector is the best-detecting app for Facebook’s server, providing real information for years. So open this site to discover the server’s quality over the past 24 hours. Keep checking this site to get to know about the server’s good quality.

In this method, you can only wait till the server gets up. The out-turns of waiting for the right time to get the server up are impressive. It actually works to eliminate the no data available issue on your Facebook app.

Logging out of Facebook

It is very handy to log out from the Facebook app while facing no available data glitch. So whenever you face this problem, immediately log out from the mobile app. Wait for a minute or two so that you can log back in. After logging in back, you will see no issue because it works. 

Disable Your Extension

Ad blockers and privacy extensions can be a reason for facing such glitches like no data availability and extra roaming. Privacy extensions can interfere with the Facebook script, resulting in showing fetching data errors. If it doesn’t work, you must try logging in from a new or different device.

Log in from a different device and check if the error persists. Usually, logging in from a new device clears out the error. So after clearing this error, you can log back in from your device.

Use Facebook Web

It is concluded that this error occurs only in the mobile app version of Facebook. So logging in from Web Facebook is the best way to eliminate this glitch. But, yes, it is very complicated to use the mobile’s web Facebook version all the time. So try to fix it in other ways that we have discussed earlier.


This article can lead you to eliminate the most common Facebook app glitch. So follow up instructions right away if you are facing this trouble. After following our simple instructions, you will never that why is my facebook saying no data available?

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