Timeshare Freedom Group Reviews in 2023 


Are you one of the many Americans who own a timeshare? If yes! You are probably looking for a way out. You know you can’t resell it for the expected cost, and the resort that sold you won’t return it. So, what options are left? Sign a deal with the cancellation company. 

Selecting the timeshare best timeshare cancellation company like Timeshare Freedom Group. But how’ll you know whether it’s legit or not? The only way to find the company’s legitimacy is by scrolling through the Timeshare Freedom Group Reviews. In this article, you’ll learn Who’s Freedom Group and a complete review of the company. 

Who is Timeshare Freedom Group? 

Timeshare Freedom Group is a legit timeshare exit company that aims to assist its clients in getting out of their timeshare contracts. The company has been working in this business for more than 10 years. The company is headquartered in Laguna Hills, California, and has several locations throughout California. Most offices are in Southern California, but others are in Texas, Portland, Virginia, Orlando, Florida, New York, and Arizona. 

Pros of Timeshare Freedom Group 

Timeshare Freedom Group is the best timeshare cancellation company and has many pros based on online reviews given by previous clients. Some of them are based on their services, like a money-back guarantee, no upfront fee, free consultation, etc.  

Here is list a list of some excellent pros: 

  • Work with attorneys- Timeshare Freedom Group is not a law firm but provides/works with attorneys where the cases require legal court proceedings. These professional attorneys find the best strategy to exit the case on the client’s behalf with the developer. If you work with attorneys during the timeshare exit process is the best way to get out of it.  
  • Offers a free consultation- The best option provided by the company to its customers is that it offers a free consultation to its clients. The main aim of this free consultation is to evaluate the client’s situation and to make the best strategy to exit the contract. But it’s the best opportunity for the clients to ask every question related to their timeshare contract from the exit company. 
  • Reply to negative online reviews- Timeshare Freedom Group is a legitimate exit company that confidently replies to all negative online reviews. The company’s first and foremost priority is to provide its client with the best service and exit the timeshare within the given timeframe. The negative reviews of the company were based on teleconsultation and spam calls.  
  • Money-back guarantee- The company aims to provide the best cancellation service and exit the timeshare permanently. In case the company fails to terminate the timeshare contract within the given time. Then, the client will get a 100% refund of the total fee charged by the company.  
  • Work with international timeshares- The best part of the company is that it also provides its services internationally. As mentioned above, the company has several locations in Southern California and the USA. The international service is the best for those timeshare owners who are unable to meet in person. However, I want to hire the company for their timeshare exit case. 


In conclusion, Timeshare Freedom Group is the best timeshare cancellation company all over the USA. The company is ready to work with international timeshares and offers many impressive services, including a money-back guarantee and free consultation.  

Overall, Timeshare Freedom Group is legit that uses legal attorneys to terminate the timeshare contract.  

Hopefully, this article helps you provide clear information about the company. If you want more articles like this, then stay connected! 

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