IPad Pro 2024: Release, OLED, Price, Features & Updates


The excitement for the new iPad Pro 2024 release is buzzing, and it’s not hard to see why! People who love Apple products and those who love cool gadgets are eagerly waiting to see the newest iPad Pro. In this article, we’ll talk about when it’s coming out, the particular screen it might have called OLED, how much it might cost, and some of the awesome things it can do.

Release Date IPad Pro 2024

The new iPad Pro 2024 is expected to come out in early 2024. Tech expert Mark Gurman believes this device will be introduced in late March or early April. In his newsletter, Gurman said, “I’ve been told that a special version of iOS 17.4 with support for the new hardware is planned for the end of the month. So, I think the devices will arrive sometime in March or April.” He also mentioned that it might take until April for the iPads to be ready since it will take a few weeks for Apple to add this new software to the iPad models during production. Some people who share information before it’s officially announced, called Chinese leakers, expect this tablet to be announced on March 26.

OLED Display

In February 2024, they started making special screens called OLED for the iPad. They have plenty of big 13-inch screens but need more than the smaller 11-inch ones. LG is helping Samsung speed things up, but it’s taking a while.

We’re excited about the new iPad Pro 2024 and Air 6 with these fancy OLED screens. But Apple hasn’t said anything official yet, so we might have to wait longer. Before, Apple used different kinds of screens for the iPad Pro. One was called LCD for the small one, and the other was called miniLED for the big one. But now, they might use the same screen for both sizes.

People have been discussing this much, even since the last iPad Pro came out in 2022. Ross Young said both iPad Pro models would have an OLED screen in 2024. Just recently, another person named Mark Gurman said Apple might make the big iPad Pro’s screen a bit bigger, from 12.9 inches to 13 inches. But we’re still determining if Apple will change how it looks. The new OLED screen is one of the most incredible things people discuss for the iPad Pro 2024. It’s supposed to make everything look super impressive on your tablet! OLED tech promises excellent picture quality with bright colors, dark blacks, and better contrast. With the iPad Pro 2024 having an OLED screen, you can expect to have a fantastic time watching movies, editing pictures, or drawing cool stuff.


For nearly a year, there’s been chatter about potentially sky-high prices for the iPad Pro 2024 models. A scary rumor even suggested that the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros could cost $1,500 and $1,800, respectively. That’s nearly double the starting price of $800 for the smaller 11-inch model from 2022, which had an LCD screen.

But hold on, there’s some good news about the prices. A recent report suggests that the price hikes for the new iPad Pro 2024 duo might be lower than feared, with an increase limited to $160. So, if we take the starting price of the 11-inch iPad Pro from 2022, which was $799, adding $160 brings it to $959. And for the 12.9-inch model, which currently starts at $1,099 with its fancy mini-LED display, a slightly larger 13-inch screen could mean a price tag of $1,259 for the base variant.

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Everything You Need to Know About Keyboard Sizes

Now, let’s examine the current pricing of Apple’s iPad Pro, which has remained consistent despite the introduction of the newest generation in 2022.

ModelStorageWi-Fi OnlyWi-Fi + Cellular
iPad Pro 11″128GB$799$999
iPad Pro 12.9″128GB$1099$1299

New Magic Keyboard

Bloomberg says the new Magic Keyboard is updated to make the iPad Pro look more like a laptop. It’s the first time they’ve changed it since it came out in 2020.

It’s exciting to hear about a new Magic Keyboard that makes the iPad Pro more like a laptop. The current one works okay, but some people don’t like the fabric material because it doesn’t seem worth the high price. Apple is also working on a new Apple Pencil for the new iPad Pro 2024. Some rumors say it might have Find My and different tips you can change to make it feel like you’re using different pens or pencils for writing or drawing.

Color options

Since Apple changed the iPad Pro in 2018, they’ve offered it in Space Gray and Silver colors, just like the fancy MacBook Pro. Sometimes, they also had gold and rose gold options, but we’re still determining if they’ll bring them back for this fancy model.

The other iPads, like the regular and Air ones, will get the fun colors right now. But we might still see an excellent space black color, especially with the new M3 MacBook Pro models coming out.

M3 Chip

The basic version of the iPad Pro 2024 comes with up to 24GB of RAM and an 8-core CPU, which includes 4 powerful cores and 4 efficient cores. It’s said to be up to 35% faster than the M1 and 20% faster than the M2. Plus, it boasts a 10-core GPU that is up to 65% faster than the M1 and up to 20% faster than the M2.

If Apple keeps up with the pattern, they might introduce the M3 chip to the iPad Pro 2024. This could unlock exciting new features like hardware ray-tracing and more powerful graphics processing.


The iPad Pro typically boasts cameras on par with the latest iPhone models. If Apple continues this trend, here are some potential improvements we might see in the upcoming iPad:

• A 48MP main camera

• An Ultra Wide lens with 12MP

• Smart HDR 5 + Photonic Engine

• Cinematic Mode with new recording options

• Action Mode

• Autofocus on the front-facing camera

Additionally, Apple may introduce Spatial Video support, a new iPhone 15 Pro feature. This capability enables users to capture videos with depth, which could later be displayed on Apple Vision Pro.

Another feature Apple might bring to the iPad is log-encoded video support, also found in the latest iPhone release.

Battery and Magsafe Charging

We’re still determining if Apple will improve the battery in the next iPad Pro 2024. In the past, Apple always says the battery lasts for about 10 hours. But here’s something interesting: MacRumors thinks Apple might add MagSafe charging. They heard this from people who know a lot about Apple’s plans.

This wouldn’t be the first time Apple considered putting MagSafe charging in the iPad. Last year, Mark Gurman said Apple considered placing glass on the back of the 2022 iPad Pro. But then they changed their minds because they worried it might break too easily. If they did put the glass on the back, it could open up new ideas for how Apple’s tablets could work. But for now, we’re still determining if that will happen.


Is There a New iPad Pro Coming out in 2024?

Yes, there might be a new iPad Pro coming out in 2024. Even though Apple hasn’t said anything, people are talking about it. It could have cool new features and look different from our current ones. Let’s wait and see what Apple has in store for us!

Will the next iPad Pro Be OLED?

One of the most exciting things about the next iPad Pro is that it might switch from an LCD screen with mini LED backlights to an OLED display. This is a big deal because it would mean that the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros would have the same type of screen for the first time in a long time.

Can iPad Pro Last 7 Years?

Your iPad can typically last for at least 5 years, but it might stick around even longer depending on a few factors. If you own a newer iPad Pro equipped with ample storage and advanced features, it’s probable that its longevity surpasses that of an older or less sophisticated model. So, if you take good care of it, your iPad could be your buddy for many years!

Which Is the Best IPad For Students?

The best iPad for students depends on what they need and how much money they have to spend. The iPad Air is good if you want something that works well but costs less. But if you want something with extra features like drawing or editing videos, the iPad Pro might be better. It costs more, but it can do more things.

Is IPad Air Better Than IPad?

Whether the iPad Air is better than the iPad depends on what you want to do. The iPad Air has some cool features and works faster, which might be great if you’re into drawing or playing games. But if you want something simple for browsing the web or watching videos, the regular iPad could be all you need. It’s about what you need and how much you want to spend.


Get ready for the new iPad Pro 2024! People are excited because it will have cool features like nice screens, a super-fast M3 chip, and better cameras. We have yet to determine precisely when it’s coming out or how much it’ll cost, but everyone who loves Apple and tech eagerly awaits. Whether you’re a student, a pro, or just love being creative, this new iPad will be awesome. We’re eagerly anticipating the enhancements it brings and the ways it will enhance the tablet experience!

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